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All children are supported by a sponsorship to secure their schooling and other expenses. For that an amount of US$ 50 per month is necessary. Within 12 years the child usually completes his/her basic schooling and is ready to advance to a vocational training or further studies.

At the beginning of a sponsorship the sponsor receives a social report with a photograph of the child, later on a drawing or - when the child has learnt to write - personal letters twice a year. Additionally we inform about any change in the life of the child. A photograph is sent once a year.

It is desirable that the child also receives an occasional letter or a photo of the sponsor family by which the personal bonding would be enhanced considerably. Further it is desirable, but in no way obligatory, that the child receives a Christmas gift in the form of an additional financial contribution. We have made a rule that all Christmas contributions are divided evenly among all children. Then the children can select a present among different articles of even value. Also the families benefit from these extra contributions. In case a sponsor wants to make a birthday gift, this will be directed to the particular child individually or to its family.

Donors may also support extracurricular activities like trips, summer camps, music and dance camps, sports coaching, training programmes and workshops for students and teachers.

Date: August 2014